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The Permit Process in Louisiana is Regulated by

The Louisiana State Fire  Marshal and the Louisiana Fire Code

Requirements for Water Storage for Fire Protection in Louisiana:

The NFPA 24, Standard for the Installation of Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances and the NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection set the requirements for the Louisiana Fire Code. The following are required for water tanks for fire protection based on these standards.

1. There is a minimum required of water storage needed where there isn’t already an existing water supply. This is based on the fire flow requirements for the property.

2. The water tank must be equipped with a minimum 1-Inch fill line and a fill valve to ensure that the tank is kept at a minimum of 80% full.

3. The tank location needs to be approved by the Fire Department with jurisdiction over the location.


Why Choose Pioneer Water Tanks for Fire Protection?

1. Pioneer Water Tanks are used in Louisiana for fire protection as the longest-lasting water storage that can double as a drinking water source.

Our fire protection water tanks work well with the Louisiana Fire Code requirements and our optional engineering packages make the permit process easier.


2. Pioneer fire-protection tanks are designed to exceed NFPA National Fire Protection Association standards, as required by the Louisiana Fire Code, for fire-water storage.

Fire protection packages come with a complete set of engineer-approved drawings.


3. Pioneer offers a wide variety of water-storage options with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons.

Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you have a fire-protection solution that will last. Commercial projects are warrantied per project, based on the application and applicable local regulations.

4. Pioneer Water Tanks are made of Zincalume® steel that has been proven to withstand fire immersion and resist corrosion, ensuring the safety of your water supply in even the worst emergencies.

Our full line of anti-vortex and fire-fighting adapters ensure water is always available for quick access during a fire emergency.


5. Pioneer Water Tanks’ 30-Year dedication to providing the longest-lasting water storage that is always ready, works well in Louisiana.

Our tanks are used as a water source for firefighting for properties without any other water source and as a water source for fire departments.

Our standard capacities and accessories are quoted to the project requirements to get you the best price possible.


Pioneer Water Tanks Comply with the NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection


The NFPA 22 standards for water storage for fire protection sets the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of water tanks and their accessories.


Chapter four of the NFPA 22 Standards for Private Fire Protection covers the general requirements while the other chapters go into depth by the type of water tank.

See the Entire Assessment of Pioneer Water Tanks to NFPA 22, Link Below

Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to NFPA standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank’s firefighting adapters and nozzles options are compatible with fire hoses in America.

Our tanks come standard with poly outlet and inlets but they can all be upgraded to our brass options. Additional accessories are available for different compliance needs.

We stock a range of firefighting fittings that provide instant access to fire reserve storage in case of an emergency that complies with NFPA 22 standards. Turn your water tank into a water source for firefighters with hose fittings.

All Pioneer Water Tanks can be orientated to suit client requirements. We have the flexibility to insert Nozzles (inlets and outlets, etc) through the tank wall, roof or floor. They can adapt to most flange tables – BSP, D, E, DN, DIN or ANSI.

We include our standard polyethylene fitting with an option to upgrade to galvanized steel or brass fittings. Our commercial line of nozzles ranges from 2” – 16” diameter with even more options outside of this range.


Nozzle Orientation


Nozzle orientation is an important component in tank design. The position and size of the nozzles will determine the “effective” or usable storage capacity. Before we manufacture any commercially designed water tank we create a nozzle orientation drawing.

This allows you (or the engineer) to nominate the position of each nozzle – inlet, outlet, overflow, etc. to match up with existing or new pipework.


Combine your drinking and fire water storage in one cost-effective, space-efficient tank. Pioneer Water Tanks has partnered with SANITIZED® – the world-leading institute in antimicrobial hygiene technology – to create the AQUALINER® Fresh. The AQUALINER® Fresh is a new cutting-edge tank liner that works to protect against the build-up of mold, algae, mildew, and biofilm.


The advantage of harnessing world-class technology from the Swiss-based company SANITIZED® in a water tank application is that the interior surfaces of your tank are actively working against bacterial growth.

Learn More about Each Model of Fire Protection Tank

Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

XL 08/02

10,00015′ 5″

XL 13/02

15,00019′ 9″

XL 15/02

20,00022′ 0″

XL 23/02

30,00026′ 4″

XL 30/02

40,00030′ 9″

XL 40/02

50,00035′ 2″

XL 50/02

65,00039′ 6″

XL 50/03

97,14839′ 6″

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