Rainwater as a Source for Fire Protection Water Tanks

Fire Protection
Rainwater as a Source for Fire Protection Water Tanks

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Finding a water source for fire protection can be an issue, especially for rural properties. Rainwater harvesting utilizes a rooftop as a collection space to convey water into storage for later use. The NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems defines rainwater, recycled, or reclaimed water for fire protection systems.

NFPA 13.A.23.2.1(g) “The capture of rainwater is generally not considered a problem since NFPA 13 has long allowed the use of open lakes, rivers, and ponds, which are nothing more than open collection of rainwater and melted snow.”

Rainwater for fire protection systems

This volunteer fire department utilizes rainwater harvesting to fill two Pioneer Water Tanks for the fire trucks.

Water quality tests ensure that it won’t be detrimental to the fire protection system or clog the fire pumps if connected. Rainwater pH tests follow ASTM D 5464, filterable solids per ASTM D 1253, and turbidity under ASTM D 6698.

Fire protection systems that utilize Pioneer Water Tanks are guaranteed clean storage. The water source tests for water quality before filling the Pioneer Water Tank. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that stores water inside is NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage. Pioneer Water Tanks are authorized for drinking water and fire protection storage. This allows for one tank to serve dual purposes and act as a water supply for more than one application.

Dual-purpose water tanks have separate plumbing systems for fire protection and other applications. Water reserve for fire protection levels to where the other drafting connection cannot use it. Sometimes properties will utilize Pioneer Water Tanks for large scale rainwater storage with a fire reserve on top of the daily irrigation use.

Dual Purpose Water Tanks fire rainwater

Securing a sustainable water source and stormwater management are two important issues that rainwater harvesting resolves.

NFPA 13. A.23.2.1(g) In an effort to help comply with efforts for sustainable and renewable building construction, some engineers and architects have suggested the use of reclaimed or recycled water to use in fire sprinkler systems rather than the potable water typically used from the public water supply.

Utilizing rainwater as a water source reduces stormwater runoff and restores local hydrology. Places like Houston, Texas, recognize the importance of low-impact development and the advantages of sustainable stormwater systems with financial incentives. The Houston City Council passed a tax abatement in December of 2019 for eligible development that manages stormwater sustainably (Learn More).

Pioneer Water Tanks are configurable to resolve water supplies for residential and commercial applications. Be prepared with a consistent water supply with fire fittings at the ready with Pioneer Water Tanks.

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