Pioneer Water Tanks Comply with NFPA 22 Fire Protection Water Tank Standards

Fire Protection, NFPA 22
Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22

We’re ready to provide water storage solutions for fire protection applications. Fire protection applications in America need to comply with the NFPA 22 standard. Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22: Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.

4.1. Capacity and Elevation
The size and elevation of the water tank are determined by the individual property conditions, after due consideration of all of the factors involved. Pioneer Water Tanks offer standard and custom sizes, capacities of water storage solutions.

NFPA 22 capacity standard for water tanks

4.2. Water Sources
The water source for filling the tank needs to be adequate and dependable, with allowance for its reliability in the future. If the water supply from a public service main isn’t adequate in quality, quantity, or pressure (measured in fire flow for fire protection) – an alternative water source needs to be provided (like an extra water storage tank on the property).

NFPA 22 water source requirements for water tanks

4.3. Location of Tanks
The tanks need to be located so that the tank, as well as the structure, are protected from fire exposure in accordance with NFPA 22 standard chapter through ZINCALUME® Steel Pioneer Water Tanks are proven to withstand fire immersion and are configured into property locations within the regulation of the NFPA 22 standard.

NFPA 22 location of water tanks for fire protection

4.4. Tank Materials
Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured of ZINCALUME® Steel for superior corrosion resistance that complies with the NFPA 22 standard for tank materials.

NFPA 22 water tank material requirements for fire protection

4.5. Workmanship
Pioneer Water Tanks are committed to continual research and development for production methods that create uniform quality. Pioneer Water Tanks America warrants the tank body (including original attachments), and AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner of each new Pioneer Water Tank against defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for a period of 20-Years from the date of installation.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tanks workmanship

4.6. Plans
NFPA 22 specifies that contractors will provide stress sheets, plans required, the authority having jurisdiction for approval, or for obtaining building permits and licenses. Pioneer Water Tanks engineering packages work with local engineering consultants to obtain permit approval.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank permit submittal plan

4.7. Tank Contractor Responsibility
Pioneer Water Tanks thorough check methods ensure precise installations with our accredited network of experienced contractors. Experienced contractors will handle all of the necessary work with careful workmanship and expert supervision.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank contractor responsibility

4.8. Attachments to Tank Structures
Commercial accessory options and signage are specifically designed for the purposes specified by independent consultant engineers and qualified engineering personnel.


We offer a full line of optional engineered accessories for multiple water storage applications, including firefighting adapters and nozzles manufactured to NFPA standards.
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NFPA fire protection water tank attachments

4.9. Lightning Protection
Pioneer Water Tanks’ lightning protection is installed in accordance with NFPA 780.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank lightning protection

4.10. Strength
Pioneer Water Tanks are third-party tested, certified, and warranty-backed for everything stated in our engineering packages. For over 30-years, Pioneer Water Tanks have researched and developed reliable, longest-lasting water storage solutions.

Strength of Pioneer Water Tanks for fire protection

4.11. National Standards
ZINCALUME® steel is rigorously tested following worldwide standards for mechanical strength, metallurgical, and chemical limitations. Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured of ZINCALUME® steel panels complying with AS1397, severe earthquake loads to AS1170.4., PIONEER V-LOCK® profile to AS4600.

NFPA 22 national standards for fire protection water tanks

4.12. Loads
Project water tank load requirements are set by qualified engineering personnel and independent consultant engineers.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank load requirements

4.13. Welding
Pioneer Water Tanks roof structures utilize the strength of square hollow sections (SHS), fully welded and post galvanized to build a strong, robust structure that will perform in all conditions.

NFPA 22 welding requirements for fire protection water tanks

4.14. Roof Standards
Pioneer Water Tanks engineered roof structures are high strength and high ductility with OSHA compliant roof accessories.


We offer complete engineering packages and water tank roof plans for Pioneer Water Tanks.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank roof standards

4.15. Roof Vent Standards
We offer multiple compliant ventilation accessory options for Pioneer Water Tanks.

NFPA 22 fire protection water tank roof vent standards

4.16. Test Reports
Pioneer Water Tanks’ test reports and certificates of compliance are ready for permitting packages by the project.

NFPA 22 test requirements for fire protection water tanks
Fire tested and proven Pioneer Water Tanks

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