How Fire Protection Water Tanks Work

How fire protection water tanks work

Buildings and properties that have an inadequate water supply for fire flow may require a fire protection water tank. Water tanks for fire protection are used for a variety of applications including to supply fire sprinkler systems, a source of water for firefighting, to create a fire perimeter, at fire departments to fill up trucks, etc.


Fire flow is defined by the NFPA as “the rate of water flow, at a residual pressure of 20 psi and for a specified duration that is necessary to control a major fire in a specific structure.” (Link)


An engineer must design and size the water distribution to supply adequate fire flow required for the property. This can include the water storage tanks, pipes, pumps, etc designed to act during an emergency. Regulations on the fire protection water tank are based on the location of the project and may require filing a permit with the local authority.

Harvested Rain Solutions provided an XLE 13/02 Pioneer Water Tank for fire protection for a commercial property in Spicewood, Texas.

In California for example, water tanks installed for the purpose of fire protection are regulated by the California Fire Code and California Building Code, and need to meet the standards of NFPA 22, The Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.


> Learn more about NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection

Due to increased regulations and insurance requirements, water tanks for fire protection are increasing in demand. Having a water storage tank ready with the appropriate fire department connections and or ready to supply a fire sprinkler system ensures adequate response in case of an emergency, even in remote areas.


Water supplies for fire protection need the appropriate capacity to reach adequate fire flow, quality of water and pressure needed for the application. Fire protection water tanks maintenance and inspections are typically regulated based on the local authority.

Zincalume steel tanks Pioneer Water Tanks are proven to withstand fire immersion for 30-minutes as tested by the Australian Governments Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre in 2006.

Pioneer Water Tanks are the top-tier choice for fire protection in Australia and are growing worldwide as the need increases. Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22 standards and with the International Fire Code requirements. We provide standard turnkey and custom Pioneer Water Tanks that can be configured to the project needs.


The bolted style of Pioneer Water Tank ensures efficient installations, even in the most remote areas, since they can be crate delivered.


Fire protection water tanks are ready to provide a steady supply of water for buildings that otherwise wouldn’t have enough fire flow.

Texas fire protection water tank Flow Rainwater Systems
Flow Rainwater Systems provided this XLE 50/03 fire protection water tank for a commercial property in Wimberley, Texas.

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    WA Sprinklers aerial footage of a typical bushfire protection system that includes a Pioneer Water Tank (see at 1:18) as the water source.

    Using Pioneer Water Tanks to fill fire trucks and air support in Shepparton, Victoria.