Fire Tested and Proven Pioneer Water Tanks

Fire Protection
Fire tested and proven Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have developed water storage solutions for the harsh conditions of Australia for over 30 years. Australia’s extreme fire-prone areas and remote communities without water mains use Pioneer Water Tanks for fire protection and as a water source. Pioneer Water Tanks America is the distributor for North America, providing this top-of-the-line fire protection solution with our localized network.

In 2004, the Bushfire CRC and CSIRO conducted a research project that examined the performance of different water tanks in bushfire conditions. The in-depth research investigated how effective each water tank was in storing water while being immersed in fire.

The Bushfire CRC and CSIRO project revealed that Pioneer Water Tanks withstand 30-minutes of full fire immersion without losing structural integrity and without water loss.

This research indicates that steel construction tanks have the greatest chance of retaining their structural integrity and preventing water loss under bushfire conditions, while polyethylene tanks are at risk of total failure when adjacent combustible items are present, such as heavy forest fuels, fences, structures or even other polyethylene tanks.” – Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC)

Pioneer Water Tanks Outlast Poly Tanks and Are More Cost-Effective

Even if poly tanks are only exposed to lose ambers, they start to blister and become unstable as they lose the ability to perform. This catastrophic failure results in the complete loss of all water and puts an immediate end to emergency firefighting activities. Poly tanks have a high probability of catching fire and burning, adding further fuel to the fire.

Fire emergencies require an immediate response that a Pioneer Water Tank can supply, with the appropriate connections. Pioneer Water Tanks are the tested and proven Zincalume® Steel water storage solution trusted worldwide for fire protection.

Steel construction liner tanks maintained structural integrity during all tests. The liner construction proved able to retain water during and after the fire-front, which is critical for the protection of property and assets in the event of a bushfire.” – Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC)

Following the recent devastating bushfires on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, the local provider Pioneer Water Tanks SA captured this image during his customer visits and tank inspections. The Pioneer Water Tanks withstood the immense bushfires and maintained structural integrity, while the poly tanks melted.

Different types of rainwater tanks can play an important role in the defense of a home against a bushfire attack. Indeed, such storage tanks are critical to active and passive protection against bushfires.” – Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC)

Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC) on Pioneer Water Tanks, “tank maintains its structural integrity in 30-minute flame immersion.

The time immediately after a fire has affected property is when water is desperately needed for stock watering and possible further firefighting.

Pioneer Water Tanks supply water solutions for a wide variety of fire protection applications. Our water storage solutions can be connected to a fire pump or sprinkler system to fulfill water requirements.

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