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    Resolve Water Issues for Projects

    with Permit-Ready Pioneer Water Tanks


    Pioneer Water Tanks offer two lines of models, the rural/residential line as well as the engineered XLE line of water storage solutions. Our XLE engineered Pioneer Water Tanks have the option to include a permit submittal package with a local engineer wet-stamped cover letter per project. Our tank foundation drawing designs are also ready to go for permitting and for installation.

    Our qualified engineering personnel and network of independent consulting engineers provide high-quality professional design and support services. This allows our network to provide localized service, backed by a worldwide company. Our efficient quoting process can take care of everything from the design to the accredited installation, configured to the project needs.

    Fire Protection Pioneer Water Tanks sample drawing

    Example of a Pioneer Water Tank Configured for Commercial Fire Protection

    This example of a Pioneer Water Tank that has been configured for fire protection with more options added on that is typically required. Project requirements are based on the location, local authority, and application of water usage.

    Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to NFPA 22 standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, which is proven to withstand fire immersion. Our full lines of firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across North America.

    Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured for cyclonic and seismic conditions, as well as heavy industrial zones. Additional accessories are available for different compliance needs. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency.

    Commercial and residential properties that do not have an adequate water supply for local authority requirements can be supplied with a water storage tank for a building permit. We offer optional engineering packages for the permit process when needed. Our engineering packages are based on the project and application.

    We Provide the Engineering to Help the Permit Process

    Residential and commercial buildings may require supplemental water storage for fire protection for a building permit. The fire flow, the flow rate of the water supply necessary for firefighting, is determined by the local fire authority. When the existing municipal water supply, or the lack thereof, does not meet these requirements then a Pioneer Water Tank can be provided.

    Having a Pioneer Water Tank for fire protection can greatly improve emergency support efforts with hose connections and firefighting nozzle adapters. The use of a fire protection water system may also be required or help to improve insurance for the property.

    1. Determine the local authority requirements for capacity, accessories, etc.

    2. We will design the fire protection water storage tank to the project needs as well as develop an engineering package for the permit.

    3. Our optional engineering package for your project can be used to obtain the fire protection tank permit.

    4. Our accredited installation network will deliver and install the Pioneer Water Tank onsite.

    Choose the Capacity Size of Fire Protection Tank That You Need

    Our standard and custom water tank models can be configured to the project requirements with our qualified engineering personnel and independent consultant engineers. We offer NFPA 22 compliant fire protection accessories and permitting packages for projects where it’s required.

    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

    XL 08/02

    10,00015′ 5″

    XL 13/02

    15,00019′ 9″

    XL 15/02

    20,00022′ 0″

    XL 23/02

    30,00026′ 4″

    XL 30/02

    40,00030′ 9″

    XL 40/02

    50,00035′ 2″

    XL 50/02

    65,00039′ 6″

    XL 50/03

    97,14839′ 6″

    Complies with NFPA 22 Standard for Private Fire Protection

    Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, which is proven to withstand fire immersion. The tank’s firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across America.

    Also Can Provide Drinking Water Storage

    Pioneer Water Tanks include our exclusive BPA-Free, Antimicrobial, NSF-61 Certified AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner unless requested otherwise. Keep your water fresh and clean for longer within the AQUALINER® Fresh.