Cost Effective Fire Protection Water Tanks

Cost Effective Fire Protection Water Tanks

Cost-Effective Fire Protection Water Tanks

When poly tanks melt, concrete tanks crack, fiberglass tanks break down, Pioneer Water Tanks’ reliable water storage solutions thrive. Pioneer Water Tanks are the cost-effective solution for fire protection needs.

  • ZINCALUME® Steel tank body proven to withstand fire immersion

  • Crate delivered and installed onsite without the use of heavy machinery

  • No welding on site

  • Option to eliminate all poly fittings for an upgrade of brass nozzle accessories

  • Pioneer Water Tanks are proven usable during and after a fire emergency

  • Complies with NFPA 22 and NFPA 1142 standards required in many areas

Sprinkler systems, firefighters, and more utilize Pioneer Water Tanks for fire protection. Professionals choose Pioneer Water Tanks over others because of the ZINCALUME® Steel tank body, proven to withstand fire immersion. Our network of accredited businesses provides local service with onsite installations.

The efficient crate delivery and installation enable large-capacity storage solutions in hard-to-reach areas. Welding isn’t required when installing Pioneer Water Tanks. The tank body bolts together so it doesn’t require the curing time of a concrete tank, and it’s proven to withstand fire immersion when poly tanks fail. Projects with Pioneer Water Tanks can be up and running in a shorter amount of time than concrete and fiberglass tanks.

Pioneer Water Tanks install with All-Tex Irrigation & Supply
Pioneer Water Tanks install with All-Tex Irrigation & Supply

Another advantage is the ability to also store potable drinking water within the BPA-free AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. Pioneer Water Tanks’ capacity and quality of materials enable storing water for dual purposes.

Water storage tanks for fire protection equips buildings and homes with an alternative water source during emergencies. Alternative water sources are required when the existing water source is inadequate.

Fire tested and proven Pioneer Water Tanks

Fire flow calculates the amount and pressure of the existing water system necessary to respond to fire emergencies. The current fire flow, fire hazard risk to the building, authority with jurisdiction, location, etc., determine the water storage capacity. The local responding fire department can help determine the connection needed.

There needs to be enough of a water supply to respond to fire emergencies and hazards. Sometimes rural properties require additional water reserves for firefighters to be able to connect to as well.

Pioneer Water Tanks at the Briggs Volunteer Fire Department
Pioneer Water Tanks at the Briggs Volunteer Fire Department

State and county fire codes regulate fire protection water tanks. The NFPA 22 standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection sets the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of water tanks and accessories. Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22 (Learn More) and NFPA 1142 (Learn More) standards on Water Supplies for Suburban, Rural Firefighting. Engineering packages are available for projects that require permitting.

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