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Water Tank Sizes

We offer capacities from 5,000-Gallons up to one million, with full lines of engineered accessories to expand the functionality of your water storage.

Firefighting Nozzle Options

Our engineered lines of firefighting nozzle and adapter options are manufactured to NFPA 22 standards.

Fire Protection Requirements

Our optional engineering packages can make the permit process easier for fire protection systems in America.

Choose the Capacity Size of Fire Protection Tank That You Need

Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

XL 08/02

10,00015′ 5″

XL 13/02

15,00019′ 9″

XL 15/02

20,00022′ 0″

XL 23/02

30,00026′ 4″

XL 30/02

40,00030′ 9″

XL 40/02

50,00035′ 2″

XL 50/02

65,00039′ 6″

XL 50/03

97,14839′ 6″

Choose Pioneer Water Tanks

for Active Fire Protection

Pioneer Water Tanks are the tested and proven Zincalume® Steel water storage solution trusted worldwide for fire protection. The 2006 Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC) and CSIRO project revealed that Pioneer Water Tanks can withstand 30-minutes of full fire immersion without losing structural integrity and without water loss.

Pioneer Water Tanks are implemented in a wide variety of fire protection applications. Our water storage solutions can be connected to a fire pump or sprinkler system to fulfill water requirements.

> Go the NFPA 22 Fire Protection Water Tank Resource to Learn More

Pioneer Water Tanks Outlast Poly Tanks and Are More Cost-Effective

Even if poly tanks are only exposed to lose ambers, they start to blister and become unstable as they lose the ability to perform.

Fire emergencies require an immediate response that a Pioneer Water Tank can supply, with the appropriate connections.

Pioneer Water Tanks Stand Ready

to Provide a Steady Water Supply

The Zincalume® Steel tank body and innovative trussed domed roof system prevent fire embers from affecting the water inside.

The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner safely stores the water and is NSF-61 certified for potable drinking water storage. This enables one Pioneer Water Tank to provide water storage for both applications.